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Texas Republicans Ban Tampons from Senate Gallery, but Allow Guns

The Texas State Senate is expected to vote today or tomorrow on House Bill 2, a controversial measure that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, without an exception for rape or incest.

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) called for a second special session to pass the bill because Democrats and pro-choice supporters were able to successfully filibuster during the first special session.

However, Republicans are taking no chances this time around. They are cracking down on people who enter the senate gallery to watch the vote.

“We’re going to have strict enforcement,” Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) told the Associated Press. “If there are any demonstrations, we are going to clear the gallery.”

Apparently, the enforcement goes beyond "demonstrations."

Freelance writer and pro-choice activist Jessica Luther tweeted that the guards at the senate gallery were not allowing women to bring tampons or maxi-pads in their purses because feminine products could be "thrown at senators."

According to Burnt Orange Report, "Senator Kirk Watson (D) has convinced DPS to stop confiscating tampons and maxi pads from women entering the senate gallery. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature is AGAIN the laughing stock of America, as #tampongate trended worldwide on Twitter."

While feminine products were temporarily banned, people with concealed-carry licenses were still being allowed to bring in guns into the senate gallery.

State Rep. Jonathan Strickland (R) told the National Review on July 2: “I very, very often do concealed-carry, I can say that.”

Sources: National Review, Burnt Orange Report, Twitter,Associated Press


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