Texas Lawmakers Cracking Down On Food Stamp Fraud

Lawmakers in Texas have proposed legislation they hope will reduce food stamp fraud in the state.

Rep. Susan King is leading efforts to crack down on fraud in the Texas SNAP program, and has filed two bills that are aimed at doing just that. The first bill would disqualify a person from food stamp eligibility if he or she does not pay necessary child support. That person would be eligible to reapply for food stamps once child support payments are back on track.

The second bill King filed would disqualify a person from food stamps if he or she didn’t meet work requirements three times in a row without a reasonable excuse.

Both bills, King said, are to encourage responsibility for people who apply to use the SNAP program.

“We believe this is only fair,” King said. “If you're receiving a taxpayer-funded benefit to help you, we believe that people should follow the rules, try to work and make the effort to contribute.”

King makes clear that children receiving SNAP benefits would not be affected by the new restrictions.

King’s proposed bills are not the only ones created to set boundaries around the food stamp program. Two other bills filed by other lawmakers would require a photo and the recipient’s name to be displayed on the Lone Star debit card, onto which the benefits are loaded.

Sources: Fox 29 San Antonio, KTXS / Photo Sources: Texas House of Representatives


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