Texas Judge Who Was Filmed Beating Daughter Loses Re-Election Bid (Video)


In 2011, a South Texas family law judge was caught beating his daughter. The girl, who was 16 at the time, posted a video of the encounter on YouTube, where it accumulated millions of views.

Although it has been three years since the highly publicized video surfaced online, the judge has just now been ousted from his position. According to KHOU, Aransas County judge William Adams lost his re-election bid in the Republican primary to Richard Bianchi, who is scheduled to overtake the judicial position. There were no Democratic challengers in the race. 

As an initial response to the video's surfacing online in 2011, Adams was suspended from his judgeship for one year. He returned in November 2012 after the Texas Supreme Court granted him permission. 

The video clearly depicts Adams repeatedly whipping his daughter with a belt as she lies on a bed, attempting to resist his attacks. Adams’ daughter claims the attack occurred because she had illegally downloaded files online. 

According to NBC 6 Corpus Christi, seat challenger Bianchi did not run any smear campaigns regarding the video during his election bid. Still, the incident likely loomed large in the minds of voters, who recalled when the story first broke. 


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