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Texas Governor's Fundraiser: Obama To Attack Gun Rights

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas recently sent out a fundraising email that asserted President Barack Obama is going to destroy the Second Amendment before leaving office.

The email makes a number of extraordinary accusations, beginning with the opening:

President Barack Obama is FURIOUS.

On January 20, he's going to hand over the reins of our federal government to Donald Trump -- a man he clearly despises.

But with nothing left to lose, I'm afraid President Obama is going to spend the final weeks of his administration looking for every opportunity to go around Congress and destroy our Second Amendment freedoms!

As your Governor, I'm committed to doing everything I can to protect our gun rights -- both in this upcoming session of the Texas Legislature and by taking every legal action possible to stop Washington, D.C.'s assaults.

Abbott went on to boast about suing the Obama administration 31 times -- at taxpayer expense -- described the president of the United States as "licking his chops" and warned that Obama could somehow get away with gutting gun rights because the U.S. Supreme Court has only eight justices:

President Obama has made it no secret that failing to get gun control through Congress has been his "biggest frustration."

With a deadlocked U.S. Supreme Court, President Obama has to be licking his chops at the thought of "testing" the limits of what he can legally get away with...

In a day when most politicians are all talk and no action, I'm one of the few who has proved I'm not afraid to confront the status quo in Washington, D.C. -- suing the Obama administration 31 times!

The Amarillo Globe-News noted in May that Texas has sued the Obama administration 40 times, and 31 of those lawsuits were by Abbott, both when he was the state's attorney general and as governor.

The news site noted that, as of December 2015, the lawsuits had cost Texas taxpayers $5.1 million, and resulted in only six victories.

Abbott used taxpayer money to sue against rights for LGBT citizens, Obama's immigration executive orders, Obama’s Clean Power Plan, regulation of greenhouse gases, safety monitoring of natural gas pipelines, the state's Women’s Health Program, expansion of Medicaid to poor people under Obamacare, capping pollution from industrial facilities and the resettlement of two Syrian refugee families.

Abbott encouraged his followers to donate before Dec. 10, and painted himself as a "top target" of Democrats, even though Texas has not had a Democratic governor since 1995:

I promise you I will not shy away from any battle with President Obama on his way out the door or with gun control groups here in Texas. Instead, I will fight back with everything I have. Will you please agree to your most generous contribution as soon as possible -- before the December 10th deadline?

And because I'm a top target of national Democrats, your support could not be more important.

Sources: Gov. Greg Abbott, Amarillo Globe-News / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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