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Texas Governor Continues Personal Attacks Against Pro-Choice Democratic Senator

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is continuing to use the personal life of Democrat state senator Wendy Davis to attack her and bash pro-choice advocates.

In a rare win for Texan Democrats, Davis filibustered a restrictive anti-abortion bill for 10 hours Tuesday night, preventing it from becoming law. However, Perry, a Republican, called for a second legislative assembly to occur Monday, during which the bill is likely to be pass, according to Time. 

But Perry did not stop fighting against pro-choice supporters in the state after setting the bill up to become law. At the National Right to Life convention in Dallas on Thursday, Perry discussed Davis’s past as a teenage mom in relation to her pro-choice stance, according to the Raw Story. 

“It’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters,” Perry said. 

Davis, who graduated from college and Harvard Law School even though she was a single mother, criticized Perry for his statement, calling it “without dignity,” in an email to the Associated Press. 

In a radio interview Friday, Perry continued to take jabs at Davis, though he claimed he was honoring her past. 

“How many young Texans, how many young men and women across this country didn’t get to accomplish what Wendy Davis has accomplished because they were aborted?” he asked. 

Perry is speculated to join the White House race in the future and is expected to announce his plans sometime in July. 

Sources: The Raw Story, Time


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