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Texas Gov. Rick Perry Spent Taxpayer Money on Failed Presidential Run

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released a report that indicates state taxpayers have footed a fairly large bill for their governor’s out-of-state security detail.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has spent $2.6 million on out-of-state security since he was reelected in 2010. The cash has paid for Perry to travel to other states to try to lure businesses to Texas as well as for his bid for the Republican nomination to the presidency.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the bulk of Perry’s travel security costs — $1.8 million — were spent during his ill-fated presidential run. Including food, lodging and other travel-related costs, Perry’s campaign cost Texas taxpayers about $3.6 million in total, Raw Story reported. That amount is almost twice as much as Perry’s predecessor, former president George W. Bush, spent traveling during his presidential campaign.

“Gov. Perry is the governor of Texas 24/7 regardless of where he goes, and the Texas Department of Public Safety has a policy of providing security for governors and their families everywhere they travel, as they have back several administrations,” said spokesman for Perry, Josh Havens. “It’s unfortunate that we live in a day and age where security is an issue, but we have the upmost [sic] respect and appreciation for the officers who provide security for the governor, the first lady and other state officials.”

Sources: Raw Story, The Houston Chronicle


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