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Texas Gov. Rick Perry Continues to Bash Pro-Choice Supporters

The battle between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and pro-choice advocates raged on as Perry tried to take the upper hand Monday, saying protesters of a new anti-abortion bill employed inappropriate “Occupy Wall Street tactics.”

Last week, state Sen. Wendy Davis won a small victory for Democrats when she took advantage of a midnight deadline and decided to block the new bill from passing with an 11-hour filibuster, according to the Huffington Post. 

The controversial bill, backed by Perry and other Texas Republicans, would close almost all the abortion clinics in Texas, according to Politico.

After Davis’ filibuster was cut off before the midnight deadline for the senate to vote on it, about 400 protesters, screaming “Shame! Shame!” and shouting other remarks against the bill, caused enough chaos to block the bill from passing before 12 a.m.

Perry criticized the “people’s filibuster” on a radio show Monday night.

“This is bringing Occupy Wall Street tactics inside of the chamber of the Texas Senate in this case, and that’s probably their goal,” Perry said. “But (it) is our goal as people who are duly elected, as people who respect democracy and the rule of law, to not allow that type of action.”

Some other Republicans also condemned the protesters’ winning tactics. Namely, Bill Zedler, a Republican in the state senate, referred to the protesters as “terrorists.” 

A slew of personal attacks against Davis also came after the filibuster. But on Monday, Perry focused his words on defending the bill by talking about the “horrors” that have occurred at some abortion clinics. 

“I think you’re seeing the awakening of a sleeping giant in this country to protect babies and to make sure that those who do make that decision to have an abortion are going to be in clinics that are going to be safe and sanitary,” Perry said.

Sources: Huffington Post, Politico


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