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Texas Firestorm

In My Opinion a Possible Cause is for the Problem. Lack of maintenance by State and County Forrest Services. No Funding? You get what you pay for.

This ain't just Texas who's cutting corners to avoid raising TAXES. You better think about it before your Nice Woodland Home goes up in flames. Death and Taxes are very real when you have a Disaster. Who's going to pay for the next hurricane, tornado, Oil Spill.

Do they really need a Federal Disaster Declared?

Whats the hold up?

Is it Politics?

In April 2009, Perry endorsed a resolution supporting state sovereignty

Possible Presidential Candidate  Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said "I'm receptive to the principle of secession. You should have the right to leave."

“Gov. Perry helped balance his budget with about $6 billion in federal help which he happily took, and then he started blaming the members of Congress who offered that help,” Obama

"He's either just taking a cheap political shot or he doesn't understand how the financing works in state and federal relationships,” Perry

Truth is how much does Texas depend on the United States Of America?

I wont list all of the times they requested Federal Assistance and Got it.

Much of these fires are Large Grass Fires.


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