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Texas District Attorney Candidate Thinks Domestic Violence is "So, So Overrated"

On Wednesday, Democrat Lloyd Oliver informed the world that he considers domestic violence to be “so, so overrated.”

Oliver is running for district attorney in Harris County, Texas. Posing a startling contrast to his statement is the fact that Harris County has the highest rate of domestic violence homicide in the state.

Shocking as Oliver’s newest statement concerning domestic might be, this is not the first time he has made comments of this nature.

In 2012, while appearing on the weekly call-in show “Reasonable Doubts”, which is sponsored by the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, Oliver said that domestic violence victims should “maybe learn how to box a little better.”

When he was later asked to clarify, Oliver specified that he believed domestic violence to be a part of some couples’ sexual routines.

“There are some people – I don’t understand it – but part of their making love is to beat one another up first,” Oliver said.

“Why do we want to get involved in people’s bedrooms?” he asked.

Oliver has been a criminal defense attorney for 40 years. He came within five points of winning the district attorney’s seat in 2012. In the Democratic Primary on March 4, he will face Kim Ogg, a former prosecutor.

Oliver has indicated that if elected, he would redirect resources away from family violence to focus on other issues. He has also spoken out about the need for super-speedy trials.

On the amount of time it takes for cases to come to court, Oliver said, “You see those filthy baby-rapers – they get tried, what, nine months later? A year later? Why not two months later? How long does it take to prepare a case?”

He has also stated that, since “justice delayed is no damn justice at all,” his plans include ensuring that “the district attorney will have a trial going at every court at every hour every day when I’m elected.”

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