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Texas Anti-Gay Activist Compares Homosexuals To Murderers (Video)

Steven Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, testified on April 7 in front of the Texas House Committee on State Affairs to support House Bill 4105, which would mean the state could not fund same-sex marriage licenses or recognize gay marriages in any way.

During his testimony, Hotze got into a dramatic conversation with Democrat state Rep. Sylvester Turner, noted the Texas Freedom Network (audio below).

Hotze told Turner that Texas officials should only enforce laws that are "morally right" based on the Bible, reports

Hotze stated:

"If (the U.S. Supreme Court) were to come out ruling that marriage between two individuals is legal, I would say let’s do everything we can to stop it just like we stopped abortion. Cut off funding from it, that’s all I’m saying. We'd do everything within in our power to legally stop it because we don't believe this is right."

Turner countered that he wanted to treat everyone fairly and with respect regardless of how they live their lives.

Hotze later fired back:

"Look, if people are involved in an activity that's immoral and wrong, you can love them, but you don’t respect what they do and you try to help them find a way out. Whether they’re alcoholics, whether they’re murderers, whether they’re adulterers, whether they’re perverts, pornographers or whatever. You want to help them. Or homosexuals, you want to help them out."

Turner insisted people should be respected and not demeaned, which led Hotze to state:

"Well, then we can get rid of all the laws that we have against people that do immoral acts, like murder and rape and embezzling. Cause you want to make them feel good, don’t you? You don’t want to make them feel bad about their actions, they might be born that way. That's your argument."

Sources: Texas Freedom Network,
Image Credit: Texas Freedom Network Screenshot


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