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Texas Allowed To Deny Birth Certificates To Children Of Undocumented Parents -- For Now


A federal judge ruled that Texas is permitted to deny birth certificates to babies born of undocumented parents. 

On Oct. 16, District Judge Robert Pitman declined a preliminary injunction in a civil rights suit over Texas’ adherence to the 14th amendment, which grants citizenship to children born in the United States regardless of their parents, Reuters reports. This right to citizenship is called "birthright citizenship."

Pitman issued a temporary order that allowed Texas to maintain its policy of rejecting a form of identification used by undocumented immigrants when seeking birth certificates for their U.S.-born children.

Pitman did say, despite the ruling, that he was “troubled” by the fact that children of undocumented immigrants were not being issued birth certificates. He added, however, that a preliminary injunction is an extreme move and was not warranted while he looks over the facts of the case.

“Although the Plaintiffs have provided evidence which raises grave concerns regarding the treatment of citizen children born to immigrant parents,” Pitman ruled, “this case requires additional determinations which can be made only upon development and presentation of an evidentiary record which thoroughly explores the facts and circumstances of the issues raised in this case."

Sources: Reuters via Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Beth Cortez-Neavel/Flickr


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