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Texas Abortion Bill Fails to Pass After Sen. Wendy Davis Filibuster

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Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst acknowledged on Wednesday that Republicans missed the deadline to pass new abortion restrictions after Sen. Wendy Davis' epic filibuster.

Davis was often asked to yield for questioning from her audience, though she declined what would have ended her filibuster and continued speaking. However, during her third point of order, senators decided to vote to end her filibuster, which is allowed by law.
After a considerable debate, senators voted to end the filibuster minutes before midnight.

Republicans initially claimed they had voted before the midnight deadline, though voting records showed that the vote time had been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The vote was 19-10, but with noise from the “people’s filibuster," Dewhurst said he found it impossible to sign the bill.

"I didn't lose control [of the chamber],” Dewhurst argued. “We had an unruly mob.”

Nearly 400 people roared in the observing gallery from 11:45 until well past midnight with thousands more supporters waiting in the lobby for a seat.

According to Democrats, Davis was the perfect candidate for the filibuster, and she garnered support even from President Barack Obama. She was chosen mainly for her experience as a teenage mother who proceeded to attend and graduate from Harvard University.

Davis stood for 13 hours without food or rest and sported pink sneakers to keep her feet comfortable. She remarked that her endeavor was a humble rise to the floor in an effort to give a voice to the women of Texas.

She later called Republican efforts to pass the bill a “raw abuse of power.”

Sources: Fox News, NBC News


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