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'Mitt Romney Style' Parody of Popular 'Gangnam Style'

Recently, the Korean music video 'Gangnam Style' became an Internet sensation, garnering over 357 million views on YouTube. The song features funny dance moves and catchy lyrics. 

College Humor caught onto the song's popularity and put their own spin on it, remaking it into 'Mitt Romney Style.' This song features the same crazy dance moves, but instead of Korean lyrics about "sexy ladies," a man playing Romney sings about his extravagent lifestyle. 

The song starts off by the fake Romney saying he has been "in and out of tax loop holes," and boasting about his "private jet that flies way up in the air."

Other lyrical highlights include: "I bought a mansion for each one of my two dozen heirs, straight up millionaire," and the repetitive chorus, "Hey, wealthy ladies!"

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