Tennessee Lawmakers Want Guns Allowed In Parks, No Expanded Medicaid (Video)

The Tennessee Senate passed a bill this week that would stop cities and towns from banning guns in public parks.

Current Tennessee law says that people with gun permits can take firearms into parks, unless there is a local law banning guns in the park. The new bill gets rid of those local bans, reports The Tennessean.

The bill was passed by the GOP-controlled Senate 26-7.

The bill also includes an amendment that allows anyone with a gun permit to carry a firearm into the state Capitol.

However, the bill now goes back the Tennessee House where it already passed without the amendment. The state House will have to approve it again, with the amendment, notes WREG.

The gun safety group Moms Demand Action recently posted a video (below) on Facebook of a man playing in a park with handgun holstered on his hip to illustrate how the bill could pose an unnecessary risk to children playing in parks.

Tennessee lawmakers killed Medicaid expansion in the state earlier this year. That expansion would have covered 280,000 uninsured residents, according to TennesseeAnytime.org

Sources: TennesseeAnytime.org, The Tennessean, WREG, Facebook
Image Credit: Moms Demand Action Screenshot


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