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Tennessee Lawmaker Giving Away Same Gun Used In Orlando

Republican Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt lashed out at the media on June 13 for asking if he still planned to give away an AR-15, the same type of gun used in the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, and at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and San Bernardino massacres.

Holt confirmed on his Facebook page that he would still be giving away the rifle at his "Hog Fest" fundraiser.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Holt started off by attacking the Obama administration and another Tennessee lawmaker for refusing to use the GOP-coined words "radical Islam" and somehow encouraging the Orlando terrorist attack:

I'm furious over the fact that our government literally refuses to recognize the threat of radical Islam. I'm furious that it is no longer an insidious threat; but has been allowed, and even encouraged, to become an all out blatant attack due to the inaction of our irresponsible government "leaders". I'm furious over the fact that reckless "leaders" like Congressman Steve Cohen (D-Memphis) rush to blame the 2nd Amendment rather than radical Islam.

In a press release on June 12, Cohen did not blame or mention the Second Amendment, but he did say:

I call on Speaker Ryan to bring a bill to the House floor banning all assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Outside of our military, no one in this country needs an assault rifle to defend themselves or their homes. They are often used in these mass shootings. Also as Congress continues the appropriations process, we must allocate more federal funding for mental health treatments and centers.

Holt also wrote on his Facebook page:

I'm furious that so many like Cohen cannot wait to leave us defenseless in the face of such great risk. I'm furious that I get phone calls from the media asking me if I'm still going to give away an AR-15 at our HogFest, rather than asking me how many extra firearms I'll be handing out to ensure people can protect themselves. After all, it was a bullet that stopped the terrorist. Amazing how so many seem to miss that fact.

The bullet that stopped the terrorist in Orlando was not fired by a civilian, but rather local police.

Holt went on to complain about being spied on the by the NSA, which he said "allows suspected terrorists to easily walk away."

Holt mentioned how he is a conservative Christian, and added:

I'm furious that these same liberal democrats rushing to condemn conservative Christians that may disagree with a lifestyle, simultaneously rush to defend a religion that readily hangs and massacres gays and lesbians. Ever been to a country where Muslims are the majority? If you have, you'll find gay men hanging in the streets.

Holt also advised people to arm themselves "and learn to shoot with deadly accuracy should the need arise. Protect your family. Protect yourselves. Protect your friends."

A FBI report for 2014 found that almost 28.7 percent of homicide victims were killed by people they knew other than their family members -- acquaintance, neighbor, friend, boyfriend, etc. -- while 14.3 percent were killed by members of their own family; only 11.5 percent were killed by strangers.

In another attack on Islam, Holt called for people to "[p]ray for the followers of a deadly, merciless religion."

Holt closed his Facebook posting with: "Dear media, You want to know if I'm still giving away an AR-15? You bet the farm I am. And to those that have a problem with it, #MolonLabe! How about asking liberals when they plan to ban gun free zones?"

Sources: Andy Holt/Facebook, Congressman Steve Cohen, FBI / Photo Credit: Andy Holt/Facebook

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