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'Telecom Insider' James Knox Says Edward Snowden is Telling Truth About NSA Spying (Video)

Self-proclaimed "telecom insider" James Knox (a pseudonym) appeared on InfoWars' "Nightly News" program last night and told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was correct in his statements about the U.S. government spying on Americans (video below).

“Absolutely accurate... That doesn’t mean that there’s a fellow sitting there in front of a monitor watching you day to day. It only becomes important when, for whatever reason, and it could be just sheer boredom, that they run across you,” claimed Knox.

Knox also said that when he worked as a telecom employee, he could have shut down electricity to the capitol building in Sacramento, California, noted

The always-paranoid Jones wanted to know how quickly and easily it was for the U.S. government to monitor someone on their computer.

“It’s as simple as monitoring you if they want to take that access and get you from the Internet,” answered Knox.

(Knox's interview starts at the 6:00 minute mark)



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