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Teen Taken Away From Dad Because Of ISIS-Joining Fears

A 15-year-old boy was taken away from his father by authorities back in September 2014 over fears that the teen was becoming radicalized.

The news that the boy was removed from his home in Aarhus, Denmark, was revealed on Sunday, noted

The boy was reportedly attending the Grimhoej Mosque, a controversial Islamic place of worship that openly supports ISIS.

“We want the Islamic State to come out on top,” mosque leader Oussama El-Saadi said in a documentary that aired in January, reports TheLocal "We want an Islamic state in the world."

Local police were concerned in 2013 about the boy's dad, who had been educated in Algeria before moving to Denmark.

Authorities believed the boy would become a radical and his father would send him to Syria to fight for ISIS.

The teen allegedly told a classmate in school that is was fine "to kill Jews" and "it is OK to be a suicide bomber if infidels are the target," reported the Danish newspaper Iullands-Posten.

The teen's mother, who divorced his dad in 2012, was worried about her son in April 2014 because he showed an interest in a “holy war.”

After the boy was removed from his dad's home, the father retained a lawyer who told a newspaper in Berlingske: "You cannot forcibly remove a child just because you believe he is becoming radicalized. You do not put adults in jail based on fears of radicalization. You just take away their passports."

According to AFP, up to 30 Muslims have left Aarhus to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS and about 100 Danish Muslims are believed to have left their country to help the terrorist organization.

Sources:, TheLocal, AFP / Image Credit: @albaraka_news


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