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Teen Severely Beaten In Classroom, Ambulance Not Called By School

An Oklahoma City 14-year-old teenage boy was reportedly thrown to the ground and severely beaten by another student while his teacher took attendance.

Tyler Mota, 14, is a freshman at Western Heights High School. His father, Eugene Mota, views the incident as an attack, not a fight.

“I think it was more of an attack,” Eugene told KFOR. "A fight is pushing, punching, not busting somebody’s teeth like that with anger." 

Tyler’s injuries included several teeth being knocked out, severely damaged gums, and his teeth penetrating his chin, an email sent by the school nurse stated.

“That kid picked up Tyler and slammed him into the ground, which is what caused him to go unconscious and then proceeded to hit and kick him in the mouth while he was down and out,” Michelle Mota, Tyler’s mother, said.

According to Michelle, an ambulance was never called.

Michelle arrived at the school about an hour after she received the call that her son had been injured and that she could come pick him up. When she arrived, Tyler was sitting in a wheelchair with his teeth in a carton of milk.

“They should have called EMSA right away,” Eugene said. "If he was passed out on the floor, blood everywhere, teeth in a milk carton, what else had to happen for them to call an ambulance?” 

When Michelle asked why an ambulance had not been called, the principal claimed Tyler’s injuries were not severe enough, reports FOX 25.

“The only answer that the principal could give me is that the nurse said Tyler's injuries were not severe enough for an ambulance, so I asked the principal how severe [did they] have to be,” Michelle said.

Michelle took Tyler to the hospital and then to an oral surgeon. He may permanently lose five of his teeth and is unable to eat solid foods for three months; he is also recovering from a concussion.

Charges have been filed by Michelle against the boy who assaulted her son.

The school district is investigating how the incident was handled. They said in a statement: “We are deeply saddened and share the mother’s concerns in regards to her son’s injuries.”

Sources: KFOR, FOX 25

Photo Credit: FOX 25


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