Ted Nugent Says Treat Undocumented Immigrants 'Like Indentured Servants'

National Rifle Association board member and ex-rock singer Ted Nugent recently wrote a plan for immigration reform that would treat undocumented immigrants like "indentured servants," in his regular column for WND.com.

Nugent wrote: "The Nuge Immigration Plan (NIP) takes five years for even illegal immigrants to become Americans. Until then, they should be treated like indentured servants, meaning that they have to earn their citizenship."

Nugent also wrote that "all illegal men in America should be required to work on building the fence, to be completed in one year. We would pay them minimum wage, provide food and shelter, and provide them English and American history classes at night. Everyone wins."

Nugent's plan would also end birthright citizenship currently guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment: "The anchor baby scam should be immediately rescinded. You don’t need to be a constitutional expert like our president to know that the original intent of the 14th Amendment was not to provide citizenship to illegal women or their babies who are born on American soil."

He also wants to end the United States government practice of printing some documents in Spanish and other languages, which Nugent called "the most racist thing our government does" by "encouraging people not to learn English."

Nugent also said that illegal immigrants "must be fluent in the English language at the end of my five-year plan and pass a U.S. Constitution and history exam, including what a scoundrel Santa Anna was."

Nugent added: "Illegal Mexicans in America on the NIP pathway to citizenship should be proud of their Mexican heritage. They should be more proud to be an American and teach their children that Mexico is the old country they wanted out of. America is the new country they pledge allegiance to, because it is better."

Source: WND.com


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