Ted Nugent Says 'American People' Are 'Dumbest Society in the History of Humankind'


Former rock star and current NRA board member Ted Nugent has never been shy about insulting President Obama, poor people and African-Americans.

But he recently expanded his target to include the entire population of the United States.

"The American government today will go down and the American people, it breaks my heart to say... will go down as the dumbest, most unappreciative society in the history of humankind," Nugent told the Associated Press.

Nugent also made his obligatory Obama insult, calling the president a "monster in the White House" who "wouldn't qualify to drive my tour bus."

Interestingly, Nugent is never attacked by conservatives for slamming the President of the United States, but the Dixie Chicks were pummeled ten years ago for daring to criticize President Bush once.

Hitflix.com recalls:

In March 2003, as the U.S. was preparing to invade Iraq, under President George W. Bush’s command, [Dixie Chick Natalie] Maines looked out at the audience and said, “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.

According to SavingCountryMusic.com:

Dixie Chicks CD’s were rounded up, and in one famous incident were run over by a bulldozer. Concerts were canceled in the US as the Dixie Chicks couldn’t sell tickets, and rival concerts were set up that would take Dixie Chicks tickets in exchange. The Dixie Chicks lost their sponsor Lipton, and The Red Cross denied a million dollar endorsement from the band, fearing it would draw the ire of the boycott. The Dixie Chicks also received hundreds of death threats from the incident.

Sources: Associated Press, Hitflix.com, SavingCountryMusic.com


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