Ted Nugent 'Fedzilla' Rant: 'The Threat Of Me Running For Public Office Is Alive And Well'


Oh Ted Nugent.

You used to be cool. So cool. You know, back in the days of “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Stranglehold,” and “Wango Tango.”

Your music is still great.

But at some point you started talking about politics. At first it was fine. “Oh, just another opinionated celebrity,” I thought. You even put out a few books about hunting and your Native American-inspired religious views. Cool.

Geez dude. You never shut up now. And you’re getting more and more crazy all the time. You’ve gone from “Uncle Ted…that quirky but cool uncle who kicks ass on guitar” to “Yes kids, that’s poor Uncle Ted, bless his heart, now keep moving, Mommy is in the other room.”

Teddy’s craziness surfaced again on Monday when he told a Florida radio host that “the threat of me running for public office is alive and well.” At least he calls it a threat. The best part? The host was asking Nugent if he would consider a run for president.

“The threat of me running for public office is alive and well because obviously our government has been overtaken by gangsters and America-haters. I mean we have a liar for a president. You know the president of the United States is a racist. You’ve got military leaders committing suicide at record numbers because the Commander in Chief is the enemy of the country."

“…I celebrate the government shutdown beause Fedzilla is a bloated monster …Fedzilla is convinced they can operate with impunity. And I have a message for Harry Reid and the president, ‘Eat Me!'”

Source: Raw Story, Media Matters


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