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Ted Nugent Claims President Obama Isn't Trying to Catch Boston Marathon Bomber

Ted Nugent wrote an op-ed column today on, which claimed that President Obama would not pursue the criminals behind the Boston Marathon bombing, but offered no proof other than the people behind the Benghazi, Libya, attack have not been apprehended yet.

Nugent wrote: "The president pledged to bring the individuals or organizations responsible for this massacre to justice. Good for him. But I don’t believe him. The president also promised to do the same for the terrorists who killed four of our citizens and torched our mission in Libya."

Nugent did not mention that President George W. Bush failed to catch Osama Bin Laden for seven years. Nor did Nugent mention that Bin Laden was caught under the Obama administration.

However, Nugent later wrote that if the Boston Bomber is captured and is "found to be from a Middle Eastern country, we should immediately cancel all student visas and work permits for people from the Middle East. As my buddy Toby Keith sings, 'put a boot in their ass,' and send them all home on the next available flight."

Nugent also advocated killing people who are paroled from prison, which does not apply to any modern history terrorists: "Blowing holes in paroled punks is a great crime-control strategy and a proven deterrent that reduces the overall violent crime rate. Dead bad guys don’t repeat crimes."

Nugent claimed, "There is little we can do to keep lunatics from gaining access to guns, gas, knives, blowtorches or bomb-filled Buicks and committing mayhem."

Actually, Democrats have been pushing for months for a universal background check, but that was defeated by pro-gun Republicans yesterday.

Finally, Nugent said that the cure to gun violence was arming teachers: "We should arm a few teachers to protect our kids" and arm shoppers in malls.



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