Ted Nugent Blames President Obama for U.S. Soldier Suicides (Audio)

During an appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” radio show on Tuesday, NRA board member Ted Nugent claimed that President Obama was responsible for the high number of suicides in the U.S. military (audio below).

According to MediaMatters.org, Nugent claims that soldiers kill themselves because President Obama "violates the Constitution," but provided no backup evidence.

“I’m sure the leftist blogs are gonna attack me, misquote me,” said Nugent. “But I’ll tell you why more and more warrior heroes of the military are killing themselves: because they are in absolute frustration and heartbreak that their boss, their commander in chief violates the Constitution that he has made an oath to, while their hero warrior blood brothers are being blown to smithereens and blown up while executing their oath to the same Constitution that the president, the vice president and the attorney general violate.”

However, the National Center for Veterans Studies, which interviewed U.S. soldiers whose suicide attempts failed, found that each service member had an average 10 different stress factors, none of which included President Obama, reportedUSA Today.

Back in March, 33 congressmen wrote Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel a letter, which stated  service members and veterans who committed suicide, or tried to end their lives, did so after being brain injured by an enemy IED, reported NBC News.

Another major cause of stress for veterans is the overwhelming backlog for disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, the VA recently announced they were working to clear the backlog, noted the New York Times.

Source: MediaMatters.org, New York Times, NBC News,USA Today


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