Ted Cruz Will Not Rule Out Another Government Shutdown to Combat Obamacare


Tea Party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz will not rule out another government shutdown in the fight to defund Obamacare, according to one of the lawmaker’s aides.

“Yes, he is keeping all options on the table,” the aide, speaking anonymously, said. “ I don’t see why he would ever rule anything out.”

The aide added that Cruz never wanted a shutdown in the first place, but later encouraged it because Harry Reid and President Obama refused to pass the bill keeping government running, and then rejected funding of vital services.

Cruz’s crusade began to lose momentum when high-profile Senate Republicans, like Sen. John McCain, openly announced that the effort would not work.

McCain called Cruz’s idea “a fool’s errand” as the shutdown approached its two week mark without progress. He added that while the White House handled the situation terribly, they would have had a better opportunity had the government not shut down.

“It was obvious Senate Republicans wanted to tank the deal to begin with,” the aide said.

Sources: CNN, The Blaze


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