Ted Cruz Still Wildly Popular Among Wildly Unpopular Tea Party


After the government shut down on October 1st and temporarily put thousands of people out of work, the Republican Party as a whole began losing popularity. The Tea Party, which is comprised of extreme right-wing conservatives, is even less popular nowadays, even among Republican voters.

Ted Cruz, the outspoken conservative Senator who has been at the forefront of anti-Obama efforts in Washington, is highly unpopular among Americans, with a recent NBC poll showing that only 14% of people overall favor him.

That 14%, however, may be completely comprised of Tea Party members. Cruz won the straw poll at the Value Voters Summit, and his favorable rating among Tea Party members at 74%.

Now, in a poll conducted by Pew Research, numbers show the Tea Party’s low rating overall, but shows an extremely high amount of support for Cruz in the Tea Party. After his infamous 21-hour filibuster last month in which he launched the crusade against Obamacare, Tea Party members seemed to see him as a hero, and it’s clearly paid off for him.

Still, with the Tea Party approval rating at an all time low, it’s hard to see how Cruz could gain any popularity among mainstream Americans.


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