Ted Cruz Stages Photo Op, Greets Visitors On Capitol Hill During Reopening (Video)


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, appeared outside the Capitol building Thursday morning to shake hands and welcome visitors to the reopened federal government.

A clip of the incident was shown by MSNBC host Chuck Todd and appeared to be a photo op, the dome of the Capital building sitting just above Cruz’s shoulder.

“Sen. Ted Cruz is standing outside of the Capitol building greeting visitors. Interesting PR tactic,” tweeted Fulbright Fellow Jonathan Rice.

Cruz’s speechwriter, Amanda Carpenter, replied to Rice and said that Cruz was “meeting WWII honor flight vets, I think.”

“Fair enough,” Rice replied. “Still, considering that the TV cameras were at the ready, interesting.”

“@tedcruz another productive day shaking hands. A shame there's no babies to kiss, would've been a full schedule,” another user said.

“You can't show Ted Cruz shaking hands today w/o discerning the screening done to ensure no sensible citizen punched his face,” tweeted one viewer @chucktodd.

On Monday, Todd said Cruz lived in an “echo chamber.”

"The problem is two-thirds of the country is thinking something else," Todd said. "And that's what you see in our poll. It wasn't just Democrats, it was independents and it was the one half of the Republican Party that doesn't associate itself with the Tea Party wing of the party."

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