Ted Cruz’s Father Calls Hispanics, Blacks “Uninformed,” Slams Atheists

Rafael Cruz, evangelical pastor and father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, had some harsh words in a February speech to conservative activists.

Cruz said that Hispanic voters are “uninformed” and “deceived.” He then added, “Well, the same thing is true of the black population.”

Cruz was referring to the tendency of minorities to vote Democrat, and was implying that the only reason they did so was out of ignorance.

Said Cruz, “As a matter of fact, if we could communicate the truth, not only to the Hispanics but to the black population, all blacks should be Republican."

Cruz touted “Highly religious, strongly pro-family, strongly pro-life” values, and also spoke about capital punishment in biblical terms, saying that the Bible advocates the death sentence.

At the same event, Rafael slammed atheists, erroneously claiming that without god, it is not possible to have a moral code.

Said Cruz, “Let’s look, for example, at the behavioral consequences of these two foundations. Well, if there is nothing, if there is no God, then we are ruled by our instincts. There is no moral absolute, which means we operate by situational ethics. which unfortunately is something being taught in every high school in America.”

He went on, “Of course, this leads us, when there are no moral absolutes, leads us to sexual immorality, leads us to sexual abuse, leads us to perversion and, of course, no hope. No hope!”

To the contrary, atheists are often highly moral people, drawing their ethics from a sense of compassion and duty rather than obligation to a religious doctrine. And the idea that sexual abuse stems from lack of religion is a hard sell, given the growing number of accusations against Catholic clergy.

Famed atheist Sam Harris disputes Cruz's type of thinking on his website, writing, “If a person doesn’t already understand that cruelty is wrong, he won’t discover this by reading the Bible or the Koran.”

Rafael’s son Ted is largely blamed for shutting down the government over Obamacare, and shares the far-right political views of his father.

Sources: Huffington Post, Latin Times, SamHarris.org


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