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Ted Cruz Reads 'Green Eggs and Ham' on Senate Floor (Video)

In what was presumably an effort to show that his non-filibuster filibuster of President Obama’s shockingly unpopular healthcare law isn’t just for attention, Sen. Ted Cruz decided to read a children’s book to the TV cameras late Tuesday night. He said it was for his children at home, however, given the way D.C. has been operating over the last few years, maybe he was just referring to his kids in Congress.

Seeing as, again, this wasn’t actually a filibuster, it’s unclear why the Tea Party favorite couldn’t just go home and read the children’s book to his kids in person, but that’s the route he decided to go with it.

Just after 8:00 p.m., Sen. Cruz picked up the Dr. Seuss classic and, like something out of an SNL sketch, began to read it aloud as though he was completely serious about the nonsensical circus act he was partaking in.  

“You do not like green eggs and ham?” one of the GOP’s Presidential frontrunners asked the people at home.


To be fair, the current Senate Majority leader is no stranger to annoyingly long filibusters – so this isn’t strictly a Republican thing. Still, seeing as this whole act was over something as serious as America’s healthcare (which, again, when presented as a whole to the American public, is unpopular), one can’t help but hold it to a slightly higher standard than Reid’s filibuster about filibustering.

You can check out Sen. Cruz making his kids proud in the video below.

Sources: The Atlantic Wire, Mediaite


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