Cruz Laughs At Joke About Islam Being 'Peaceful'


Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz went on "Fox and Friends" to explain his belief in the need to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism” in political discourse, during an interview in which he also laughed at a joke about Islam being a “peaceful religion.”

On the show’s March 23 airing, co-host Steve Doocy asked Cruz about his reaction to recent instances of terrorism around the world. Cruz, who has been an outspoken proponent of using increased force in the fight against extremist groups such as ISIS both at home and overseas, stated that he believed politicians needed to be less politically correct when describing the nature of attacks such as those in Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino, California.

“What’s bizarre is the political correctness — that they will not even say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’” Cruz said, according to Media ITE. “Instead after every attack, after Paris, after San Bernardino, the president goes on television and lectures Americans on Islamophobia, enough is enough.”

Doocy joked that “that’s because Islam is a peaceful religion,” prompting Cruz to laugh.

Cruz has said that he believes the proliferation of ISIS followers around the world has occurred because governments have overlooked potential terrorists for fear of alienating Muslim populations. After the Brussels bombings on March 22, Cruz called on law enforcement to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods,” according to The Guardian.

Anti-Muslim rhetoric has attracted a number of supporters to Cruz’s platform, but it has also drawn widespread criticism from people who believe that he is ostracizing an entire population.

“This is more than worrying, it is terrifying,” Nathan Lean, a specialist in Islamophobia at Georgetown University’s Bridge Institute, told the Guardian. “Bringing such views into a presidential campaign inflames the anxieties of ordinary Americans and gives them license to amp up scrutiny and skepticism towards the Muslim community.”

Sources: Media ITE, The Guardian / Photo credit: Jamelle Bouie/Flickr

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