Ted Cruz is GOP’s Biggest Star in 20 Years, According to James Carville (Video)

When Sarah Palin decided to ditch politics for reality TV, a space opened up in the GOP for a controversial, polarizing, far-right Republican who could fearlessly echo Tea Party sentiments without giving much thought to how the mainstream would react.

It’s still early, but it appears as though Sen. Ted Cruz has decided to accept the torch.

Over the past few months Cruz has been making enemies on both sides of the aisle with his unabashed dedication to promoting deeply conservative viewpoints. The Texas senator has spoken out loudly on subjects including, but not limited to: guns, immigration reform, drone use, Benghazi and the deficit.

Although some have made the case that Cruz’s inability to connect with the mainstream may hurt his reported hopes of becoming President one day, famed Democratic strategist James Carville seems to disagree. While appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, he made the case that the 42-year-old GOP rising star was a formidable political foe.

“I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen the last 30 years,” Carville said. “I further think that he’s going to run for president and he’s going to create something. I’m not sitting here saying that he’s going to win. And I think Sen. [Jim] DeMint is right. I’ve listened to excerpts of his speech in South Carolina, he touches every button, and this guy has no fear. He just keeps ploughing ahead, and he is going to be something to watch.”

It is worth remembering that Carville is a guy who previously tried to paint Rush Limbaugh as the face of the modern age GOP in an effort to turn off mainstream voters – so who knows what his intentions are. Either way, though, his analysis is sure to at least get people talking.

You can check out Carville’s entire take on the matter in the video below.

Source: Mediaite


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