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Teachers Suspended for Class About Constitution

By Tim Lynch

This can’t be happening.

Teachers suspended from their posts for showing students a film about the Constitution! I can understand the initial parental inquiry–if a student did say “I was taught how to hide drugs.” There are such films on the market and those would certainly not be appropriate for school. 

But instead of gathering the facts, the school authorities seem to have made a terrible and unjust decision to suspend these teachers.

The Busted film is about constitutional law and police encounters–showing people that they can lawfully stand up to the police and decline to approve a search of their home and belongings, and decline to answer police questions.

Hopefully, the ACLU or FIRE will come to the defense of these teachers and get them reinstated fast.

Flex Your Rights, which produced the Busted film, recently released an even better film called 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. Cato hosted the premiere screening here in DC.


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