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Tea Party Tries to Stop Man Filming Anti-Immigrant Rally (Video)

Dennis Gilman found himself surrounded and cursed at by members of the Tea Party when he attempted to film their “We Are America Tour and Rally” at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix on Saturday.

One Tea Partier yelled at Gilman to get off the public grounds: “We got a permit. You gotta stay on the sidewalk and that’s it. Move.”

Another Tea Partier called Gilman a “mother------.”

Gilman refused to leave, and several Tea Partiers tried to block his video camera with their jackets and hands (video below).

The videographer told the Tea Party to “get the police” if they thought he was there illegally, which they did not do.

The rally was against immigration reform, which the Arizona Tea Party claims is “amnesty.”

Barb Heller, who organized the rally, defended the harassment of Gilman and a writer for the Phoenix New Times.

“They entice riots. They’re not like regular reporters. They don’t have an ounce of class ... I don’t consider the New Times ‘media,’” Heller told

“It was nicely done, and [Gilman] immediately started swinging around and knocking a few people down, from what I understand. When he was asked to please move to the sidewalk, we didn’t make him leave entirely, but we could make him leave the area we had reserved, which was the Senate lawn.”



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