Tea Party to Sarah Palin: Please Don't Run for President


Sarah Palin may be the most famous Tea Party figure and perhaps sparked the entire movement, yet those followers shockingly don't want her to run for president.

A poll by Fox News, of all media outlets, found that 66% of people who call themselves Tea Party members don't want Palin to enter the race. Overall 71% of Republicans want to see Palin on the sidelines in 2012.

Tea Partiers seem to have latched onto Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann as their standard-bearers. Palin is expected to announce to the breathlessly-waiting world by the end of the month whether she will run.

In the meantime, Palin is making the rounds of the Tea Party rallies; Saturday in Iowa and Monday in New Hampshire. Politico reports that Palin addressed infighting among members in Monday's speech.

"Let's talk straight about some of the problems in trying to grow this movement," she said. "We simply don't have time to be bogged down in internal conflicts and friendly-fire conflicts.

"The Tea Party movement is bigger than any one person and it's not about any one candidate and thank goodness we don't have any one single leader. We patriots should not focus on petty political squabbles and media game sound-bites."

Here is amateur video of the speech:


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