Tea Party Radio Host Verbally Abuses Park Rangers, Security Guards (Video)

Craig Bergman hosts an Internet radio show called "America’s Wake Up Call," which he refers to as “Tea-vangelical talk radio.”

He calls himself a “religion, politics and culture expert” on his website, but was fired by Newt Gingrich from the Republican's Iowa campaign in 2011 for making an anti-Mormon comment about Mitt Romney, reported ABC News.

Bergman recently traveled to Philadelphia where he harassed park rangers and security guards, who were standing outside Independence Hall (video below).

Indepedence Hall, like all National Parks, was shut down on Oct. 1 after the Republican-controlled House refused to pass the Continuing Resolution, which funds a large part of the federal government.

Bergman yelled at park rangers and demanded to know "who is in charge here" and why they were keeping Americans out of the historical landmark. He verbally assailed security guards, demanding to know, "Who do you work for?"

“Who hired a bunch of private security guards with guns?” yelled Bergman, notes PhiladelphiaWeekly.com.

The security guards clearly wore badges that read "Sectek," which is a private secuity firm that lawfully contracts with the U.S. government.

“Why are there fake cops from Sectek, who’s paying them?,” screamed Bergman.

Finally, police confronted Bergman and provided the obvious answers to his baiting questions.

Sources: YouTube, CraigBergman.info, ABC News, PhiladelphiaWeekly.com


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