Tea Party PAC Raising Money To Oust "Traitor Republicans" During Next Elections


Rather than promoting a policy of working together for the good of the American people, the Tea Party is once again amping up its anti-GOP traditionalist and anti-Obama campaign. A PAC called the Tea Party Leadership Fund has begun a campaign to raise money for politicians that aim to challenge the GOP politicians that agreed to the recent deal that ended the government shutdown and raised the debt ceiling. Eighty-seven such Republican candidates exist, which the Tea Party Leadership fund refers to as “Republican traitors.” 

Speaking with Buzzfeed, The Tea Party Leadership Fund’s treasurer Dan Backer explained that the compromise reached between Republicans and Democrats in October signified a weakness in the ideological agenda of the Republican Party. 

“From our perspective, we see this is a signature vote,” Backer said about the debt ceiling agreement, “You can’t be a conservative and vote to raise the debt ceiling. I recognize there are some places where voters may actually think that was the right vote. And there may be places where you have an incumbent who wins with 90% of the vote every time and there’s not a credible challenger. I recognize that, but we’re certainly going to do our best.”

This campaign represents the increasing distance between traditional GOP politicians and the Tea Party. Backer specifically explained that Tea Party supporters were disappointed by House Speaker John Boehner’s inability to remain firm on his party’s outlook during the disagreements. 

According to ThinkProgress, however, Backer’s own personal donations have not focused exclusively on hardline Tea Partiers, such as a $250 donation to the leadership PAC for former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) — “nine months after Brown made it clear that he was not a Tea Partier and dismissed the Tea Party movement’s role in his 2010 special election win.” While it’s unclear exactly what Backer’s true agenda is, it’s likely that Tea Party supporters are going to be rallying around new candidates that aim to oust the compromising Republicans during next year’s election cycle. 


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