Tea Party Lawmaker Slammed at Texas Town Hall For Advocating Compassion for Immigrants


Texas State Rep. David Simpson (R), a Tea Party favorite, was slammed last night at a town hall in Austin, Tx., after advocating compassion for undocumented immigrants.

Speaking at a local Baptist church, Simpson told 160 people about the abuse and sexual slavery that has encouraged more than 50,000 Central Americans (mostly kids) to cross the Texas border since October 2013, reports News-Journal.com.

Many people in the audience were from Texas Independence Now, which is part of the Texas Nationalist Movement that wants to "restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas."

After Simpson showed the crowd a slide show of some of the immigrant children, the audience unloaded on him, noted RawStory.com.

“I believe your constituents should come first when you talk about people who are impacted,” said Terri Hill of Longview, Tx. “You are to represent us, and we have children. These [undocumented immigrants] are people that are coming in with leprosy, tuberculosis, polio.”

“I’ve got four kids and a fifth one on the way,” added Ben Denson of Gilmer, Tx. “These [Central American] kids have scabies and influenza, viral pneumonia, leprosy. These kids are going to be part of the school system.... They are bleeding Texas [Democrat] blue.”

Simpson countered, "These children are fodder in this. They are being assaulted... I don’t believe in amnesty. I don’t believe in treating people who’ve crossed the border as a murderer... I do think there should be a path, a legal path, for naturalization or citizenship. We’re a nation of immigrants.”

“Don’t take what we say personally,” Thomas Rolland of White Oak, Tx. told Simpson. “We need our borders protected. We need a lot of things, but what we don’t need is more people at the trough. These people are not coming in with a good, Christian heart. Most of them are criminals, anyway.”

Simpson later said, “We need to stop the freebies. Those are things we can do as a state.”

Sources: News-Journal.com, RawStory.com, Texas Nationalist Movement, Texas Independence Now (Image Credit: Mike Schinkel)


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