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Tea Party Email Imagines the Founding Fathers Beating Up President Obama

Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776, a tea party group, recently sent out an email (below) which fictionally portrays the Founding Fathers beating up President Obama in heaven, reports

On their web site, the Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776 writes:

We are the children of the "greatest generation,"  who fought in foreign lands to defeat Nazism, socialism and fascism.  Today, we question why we have to fight the same battle with our own government.  The very idea of having to negotiate and compromise with leftists, socialists,  progressives and communists in Congress and the White House, is appalling. 

Where are the patriots and statemen in Congress?  We, the people, were too complacent and trusting and so convinced that "this couldn't happen here."  We trusted our representatives.  We know better now!


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