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Tax Day now equals Tea Party Day????

Augusta Tea Party

There was an Augusta Tea Party down at the Augusta Commons on Apr. 15th 2010.  Now the last date to file your taxes is some how linked to the Tea Party movement.  what's weird is the fact that taxes haven't gone up.  The people I saw in the crowd seemed monolithic in terms of race and socioeconomic status.  Many of the people of color were there as curious observers.  The black people that I spoke to outside of the Tea Party seemed to be rather agitated and put off by the Tea Party.  One man said: "Black people better wake up!"  

I did not hear any racial slurs, but I did get a few "what are you doing here" looks.  It was by no means a hostile environment, but it was not very inviting to your average person of color.  I did not see many Asians, Hispanics, or Indians.  Now, if we could get this kind of energy and support for education in our area!!! 

After writing several articles on the Tea Party, I felt that it was only fair that I attend one.  What's odd is that they tolerate racist because of freedom of speech, but if someone in the crowd voices an opposing view, they are intimidated and eventually led away by the cops.  Go figure!!


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