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Target Workers Form First Union In Company's History

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Pharmacy workers at Target Corp’s store in Brooklyn, New York, voted to form a microunion — making the store the first to be unionized in the company’s 113-year history.

A group of Target pharmacists and technicians won a 7-2 ballot to form the union, Reuters reports. The store responded to the formation, saying it was “disappointed” in the vote and would appeal the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to allow it. 

“Because of the pending sale of the business, we don't believe it was appropriate for the NLRB to move forward with the petition,” spokeswoman Molly Snyder told Reuters.

Target is currently in the process of selling its pharmacy business to CVS Health Corp.

“We believe it should have been dismissed and made that argument at the hearing," Snyder added.

Target has twice in the past prevented attempts at unionization — once in the 1990s and once at a New York City store in 2011.

“It is a big win for us,” United Food and Commercial Workers union organizing director Lou Solicito said about the formation of the microunion. “We are ready to bargain a contract with Target.”

Sources: Reuters, Wall Street Journal

Photo credit: Wikipedia


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