Tampa, Florida Strippers Await Republican National Convention


Hurricane Isaac is delaying the Republican National Convention for one day, which is bad news for the local strippers in Tampa, Florida, who are eager to cash in.

The strip club 'Thee Dollhouse' has the entire staff wearing USA-themed Wonder Woman outfits, while the 2001 Odyssey nude club placed the GOP elephant logo on the entrance door.

Jill, a stripper from Orlando, told the Tampa Bay Times: "The girls are frustrated. When you come to Tampa, everyone knows the Mons Venus is the No. 1 strip club. So where is everyone? What is everyone doing? Are they sleeping? Republicans have money."

However, Tiffany Mitchell, a front door attendant who checks I.D.'s, say she has seen some Republicans: "The main people I'm seeing is Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. They are dressed nicer, more conservative. Business casual for the men and Ann Taylor Loft for the women, for sure."


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