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Taliban Opens Fire on Officials at Shooting Site

The Taliban vow of revenge for the shooting rampage by an American soldier that left 16 civilians dead apparently includes officials of the Afghan government -- Taliban fighters fired on an Afghan delegation following a memorial service for those killed.

The group, which included two brothers of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, escaped injury, but CBS News reports that at least one Afghan soldier who was guarding the brothers was killed.

This was not the only angry reaction on Tuesday to the shooting. Students held a rally, burning an effigy of President Obama and shouting "Death to America."

"The reason we are protesting is because of the killing of innocent children and other civilians by this tyrant U.S. soldier," said student Sardar Wali. "We want the United Nations and the Afghan government to publicly try this guy."

They would like that trial to be held in Afghanistan, but so far no word on where he will face charges has been decided. One thing is clear, though -- he could face the death penalty if convicted, according to Defense Secretary Leon Panneta.

There are reports that the soldier, whose name has still not been released, suffered a "traumatic" brain injury when his vehicle overturned during a previous tour of duty in Iraq. He was cleared for further duty.

It's not known if the possible injury led to Sunday's shooting, in which he allegedly went house-to-house and murdered the 16 people, including nine children and three women.


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