Taliban Mocks US Government Over Shutdown


At this point, the 113th Congress is so bad, that even our enemies are mocking them and expressing concern for the people who’ve entrusted their Democratic power to them.

In a statement issued by the Taliban, they chastised US legislators as “sucking the blood of their own people” with regard to the government shutdown. It begs the question: how bad is it really on Capitol Hill when a group for whom stoning is policy think they have gone too far?

In all actuality, it is most likely that the Taliban is just deciding to do what many other countries have done, which is to publicly criticize the US for both the shutdown and the debt-ceiling debate.

For the Taliban, there is simply the added bonus of being on the “right” side of an issue in the global community. This not a position unique to the Taliban nor one they even truly believe, but instead they are most likely only echoing others in order to better fit in on the global stage.

And it seems – from most points of view except only the most-extremely conservative – that the criticism from our global neighbors isn’t wrong. Both the 112th and 113th Congresses are on-track to be some of the least productive ever. Currently, the 113th has only passed 28 bills by this point in the session, and the last time they had numbers like that it was during the 104th Congress which also allowed the government to shut down.

The US Embassy in Kabul has not yet issued a response to the Taliban’s comments, though it is also dealing with the effects of the shutdown. They expect “to function normally in the short term,” but it is unclear what the effects of an extended shutdown might be. 


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