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Trump Signs Abortion Executive Action, Angers Liberals (Photo)

An image of President Donald Trump signing an anti-abortion executive order is going viral after people noticed that every single person in the room watching it happen is male.

Some are taking note of the fact that a group of men signed into law a bill that influences the health of women.  

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Liberals are furious after Trump signed into law a global gag order which blocks funding to organizations that perform abortions or provided advice on abortions worldwide.

The website Stuff reports that Trump signed the gag order in one of his first official acts as president. The gag order, which was initiated by former President Ronald Reagan in 1984, prevents the U.S. from funding abortions globally. The order was left in place until 1992, when former President Bill Clinton lifted it.  It was then reinstated in 2000 under then-President George W. Bush, only to be lifted again once former President Barack Obama took office.  

Now that Trump has once again reinstated the order, many are taking to social media to vent their outrage.  

The law is seen to have special impact on women in developing countries.  Suzanne Ehlers, the president and chief executive of Population Action International, said in a statement: "Trump's global gag rule will obstruct and destroy the work of health care providers who are often women's main - and sometimes only - source for reproductive health care, and their entry point for receiving a wide range of primary health care services."

However, pro-life groups praised the reinstatement of the gag order. "This is a vital step in the journey to make America great again, recognizing and affirming the universal ideal that all human beings have inherent worth and dignity, regardless of their age or nationality," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. "Funding foreign groups that promote or participate in abortion violates the principle that there should be a 'wall of separation' between taxpayer money and abortion."  

As Vox points out, the global gag order doesn't necessarily mean a reduction in abortions -- only in safe abortions.  Sub-Saharan Africa reported an increase in abortions after the gag rule was put in place by Bush, because it limited women's access to contraception and hence led to more unwanted pregnancies.  

As some on Twitter have pointed out, the gag rule won't end abortions, it will only create more unsafe abortions worldwide. 

Sources: Stuff, Vox / Photo credit: One News Page

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