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Sydney Leathers Reveals Conservative Anthony Weiner Hated Most in Hannity Interview (Video)

Sydney Leathers appeared on Hannity Tuesday to discuss her relationship with New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, noting the conservative that Weiner hated most: Sean Hannity.

When the interview began, Leathers said she was concerned that Hannity would attack her for their political differences, though she realized he was cordial because she was “taking down a Democrat” and not a Republican.

Hannity, however, argued that he only wanted to see a pool of fair, honest candidates elected to office regardless of party affiliation.

Leathers also noted that when she had asked Weiner which Republican he hated the most, his answer was Hannity and not “some other nut” that Leathers disliked, like Michelle Bachmann.

Leathers also addressed how she had met Weiner through Facebook, and how he had initiated their virtual affair after complimenting her writing, political views and physical appearance. The affair began only days after their first contact.

When Hannity asked what Leathers had learned from the experience, Leathers replied that she would discourage anyone from meeting their heroes and discovering their flaws.

Hannity also discussed Leathers interest in the porn industry, asking how her parents would feel if they knew of the career she had chosen, noting that he would not approve of his own children becoming professional pornographers. Leathers replied that her father supported her every decision and loved her unconditionally.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with women being open about their sexuality,” Leathers said. “It turns into slut shaming the second women are open and honest with their sexuality, but men get away with bad behavior all the time.”

As the interview came to a close, Leathers told Hannity: “Have fun on Fox News.”

Sources: Mediaite, Fox News


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