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Sweden Seeks Wikileaks Founder Arrest in Rape Case

(Editor's Note: Swedish officials withdrew the arrest warrant for Julian Assange on Saturday.)

The fall of the Soviet Union marked an era which created an imbalance in the world which has given the US the power to step up to the plate and now use tactics formerly singularly attributed to the communist nations as their own. The similarities between the tactics used to discredit those that would discredit you are stunning.

This opinion has nothing to do with whether Assange, the now accused founder of Wikileaks, is guilty of rape or not. Though his accusation is somewhat akin to the confessions being hammered out of prisoners in Guantanamo and other black op sites around the world.

I say the timing is too fishy, too bold, too off. I also say that it cannot be difficult for a government as large as the US to find a woman they can feed to someone in Assange's position who can play the part and at the right time, scream rape. Do you need two? Have at it, no problem, we have tons of women who could use US citzenship and a scholarship, or straight cash, no issues there.

The question here is: In light of the delicate nature of the documents being leaked in this case, do you think the US government is capable of fabricating evidence in order to silence, discredit, and thereby stop Assange from publishing these remaining documents or ruin his reputation to such extent that the release of the documents would be rejected by the public, or maybe even add leverage to their negotiations by offering to "make the rape charges go away" if he were to return the documents?

Personally, I see no reason why the US should not be considered candidates to this kind of activity.


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