Susan Sarandon Claims She Was Banned From White House, Wire Tapped


Susan Sarandon, an actress well-known for her liberal activism, is claiming that she was recently denied a security clearance to visit the White House and that the government has tapped her phone.

Sarandon told an audience during a question and answer session at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday: “We know we’re under surveillance, I’ve had my phone tapped. I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don’t know why.”

While being interviewed by Michael Moore, Sarandon also said she had twice seen a file the government holds on her by filing Freedom of Information requests.

Sarandon has put her celebrity status behind several Democratic presidential candidates, called for elections to be monitored by international authorities, protested against the invasion of Iraq and rallied for the withdrawal of U.S. troops overseas.

Most recently, Sarandon came under fire for referring to Pope Benedict XVI as a "Nazi," and spoke out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.


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