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Super PAC Uses Gun Images to Endorse GOP Candidate Jesse Kelly

Move America Forward PAC (MAFPAC), an anti-Muslim super PAC, has used a photo (below) of Arizona Republican candidate Jesse Kelly holding a gun to endorse him for the seat left vacant by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who was shot in the head last year and resigned.

A second graphic with the same photo was used in an email appeal for donations (pictured left).

On their web site, MAFPAC states: "America is at war with radical Islam. These groups of militant islamofascists are bent on destroying our nation and are willing to commit acts of terrorism, killing civilians, even other Muslims, to do it. Surrender is not an option, victory is the only solution and we need members of congress who will stand behind our troops and support them until the job is done."

MAFPAC political director Sal Russo said in a statement on Monday: “We stand with Jesse in making sure that our troops are always supported and our national defense will not be compromised.”

“The last thing we need in Congress is another big spending liberal who is unwilling to stand up for our military to keep America safe. It is so important the pro-troop community rallies behind Jesse Kelly in these final few days before the Special Election.”

In a statement to NPR on Wednesday, Jesse Kelly’s campaign spokesperson John Ellinwood said: “This campaign is about bringing jobs and prosperity back to America. That’s why we’re focused on lowering taxes, growing the economy, and lowering gas prices using American energy.”


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