Suicide Bombings on the Rise in Iraq

Thirty-three people were killed in Iraq on Tuesday as the result of a suicide bomber targeting Iraqi army officers, the New York Times reports. With British and American troops set to begin departure from the country in September, there is rising concern about increased insurgent activity.

The Times reports that this most recent attack was carried out by a person wearing a national police uniform. The incident occurred at a marketplace in the western outskirts of Baghdad, and the Iraqi Interior Ministry has put the death toll at 33, with an additional 46 injured.

The violence did not end there, however. According to the Times:

“After the bombing, as people gathered to help the injured, groups of armed men opened fire, killing some of those who survived the bombing, according to Mujasha al-Tamini, the chief editor of Al Iraqiya, a satellite television network that had two reporters at the scene.”

The incident marks the third fatal suicide bombing in recent days. On Sunday, a suicide bomber killed 28 people in Baghdad, and also on Tuesday, a suicide car bomber in Mosul attacked a police patrol, killing three people.

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