Stump For Trump Girls Hint At Rubio's Gay Past (Video)


Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson, two sisters from North Carolina who call themselves the "Stump for Trump Girls," slammed Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida during an interview on Feb. 26 (video below).

CNN host Carol Costello asked the sisters about the GOP debate from the night before, notes Mediaite.

“Well, you know, I think that [Sen.] Ted Cruz [of Texas] and Marco Rubio, they're both snakes," Hardaway replied. "When I look at Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio told us to Google Donald Trump, but I did one better, I Googled him and when I Googled him, you know, he owes America and the gay community an apology.”

“That’s right,” Richardson added.

“Because it sounds like he may have had a gay lifestyle in his past,” Hardaway added.

“What?” Costello stated. “No, Lynette.”

"All you have to do is Google him, Google him and you will see that's what's on Google," Hardaway said. "So you have to be cautious when you tell people to Google people, stuff will come up. Now, we don't know, so we say allegedly, but he shouldn't have told people to Google Donald because I Googled him."

Rumors about Rubio having a homosexual past were started in January when blogger Wayne Madsen published a photo of a "gay South Beach foam party" that included an obscured image of a man whom Madsen wrote was "believed to be" Rubio.

The Washington Post reported in January that Rubio was arrested in May 1990 when he was 18 years old for drinking beer with friends in a Miami park that was described by a local homeowners association’s newsletter as including: “Gang warfare, gunfire, prostitution (straight and gay), drug dealing and muggings.”

The misdemeanor charge against Rubio was dismissed.

Sources: Mediaite, Wayne Madsen Report, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Stump for Trump/YouTube

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