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Study: Despite GOP Sweeping 2014 Elections, U.S. Population Leaned Democrat

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A study released Tuesday by Pew Research found that despite a GOP sweep in the November 2014 midterm elections, the majority of the American population leaned Democrat last year.

The study used long-term party affiliation trends to determine that more Americans gravitated to the Democratic Party than the Republican Party in 2014 by a margin of 48 to 39 percent. In November, however, GOP candidates in the House brought in millions more votes than their Democratic counterparts.

Despite Republicans assuming majority in Congress, Democrats held strong within certain party affiliation trends last year. The study found that Democrats remained popular amongst young people and minorities – a promising sign for the party, as both the younger generation and minorities will become increasingly more prominent in the U.S. population in the years ahead.

According to the study, 51 percent of Millennials – ages 18-33 – identify as or lean towards being a Democrat, while 35 percent of the 25,000 people surveyed lean or identify as Republican. 44 percent of the Millennials surveyed are non-white and lean Democrat by a margin of at least 35 points.

Voter turnout was to blame for the Republican sweep in November, leading to a Congress that governs – according to the Pew study – a left-leaning country.

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